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Be An Eco-conscious Consumer

Circular Economy Our Responsibility

Introducing most sustainable alternative to plastic, moving towards the future of consumption with zero waste technology. Encouraging communities and businesses for responsible consumption by focusing on three factors; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


Producing those Items that consume less energy during production. Compostable within short duration, does not harm soil & water and we conserve resources.



This means using things more than once. When we reuse items, we extend their lifespan and we avoid creating new wastage. We protect environment for life on earth.


This means converting waste materials into new materials and objects. When we recycle, we reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills, and incinerators.

The Story of Our Brand

Shomaa Designs’ an eco-conscious design firm and merchandising consultancy including reviews of the products and companies that place the emphasis on such factors as sustainability, the environment and the working conditions of industry workers. It helps you to find and review the growing number of eco-conscious lifestyle alternatives. We have been constantly researching & developing the best sustainable material to produce lifestyle products.

Our Best-Selling Sustainable Products

Explore our carefully curated selection of sustainable products, each designed to reduce your carbon footprint. Make conscious choices with our eco-friendly products, knowing that your purchases promote ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing practices. Invest in long-lasting and reliable products that meet our stringent quality standards, ensuring your satisfaction and the longevity of your purchases.


Our Products are 100% Made in India. We work with skilled artisans and the entire venture is 100% inclined & in tandem with empowering the rural artisan men & women. Here in “Shomaa Designs” we are doing business consciously to reduce maximum carbon footprint on the planet. Our Business Model is align with 7 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nation:

SDG 1. No Poverty

SDG 3. Good Health and Well-Being

SDG 5. Gender Equality

SDG 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 13. Climate Action

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Farmers Empowered

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Artisans Empowered

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Women Empowered

Our Community

An Initiative by “Shomaa Designs” to empower women artisans & farmers through ‘Carbonarth Community Project’. Purpose of the project is providing advance level training to women artisans & farmers to develop products prototype as per market demand. BIS Certified Quality product will be delivered to domestic & international buyers by Artisans. The ‘Shomaa Designs’ has enabled trained women artisans and farmers to evolve on the chain, to support commerce of handicraft items & Organic products.

Women Empowerment Community Center (WECC)

Women Empowerment Community Center (WECC)

Bamboo Collective

Bamboo Collective

Carbonarth Community

Carbonarth Community

An Innovation With A Cause

Discovering a shortcoming in any industry is a big idea for a successful venture. Sort of like our story here at ‘Shomaa Designs’, we like everyone else realized that as this Ai revolution continues to overpower monotonous professions, soon we will be witnessing a paradigm shift in the focus of human race moving towards ‘Art & Innovation’ (something that has defined us since the dawn of civilization).India being one of the cultural pioneers in the world of Art & crafts will always remain the major player in the ‘Handicraft Industry’….

Sustainable Fashion

Become a part of sustainable fashion by purchasing Handcrafted Dresses to support local Artisans

Home & Lifestyle

Our products are made of sustainable material to reduce wastage

Kitchen Utility

Handcrafted Pouches, Cutleries, Mugs, Coasters are made of Jute & Bamboo materials

HORECA Supplies

Best quality products are delivered to HORECA industry

Work With US

Become a part of our artisan community and develop products for our clients.  

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