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Circular Economy – Our Responsibility

An Innovation With A Cause

Discovering a shortcoming in any industry is a big idea for a successful venture. Sort of like our story here at ‘Shomaa Designs’, we like everyone else realized that as this Ai revolution continues to overpower monotonous professions, soon we will be witnessing a paradigm shift in the focus of human race moving towards ‘Art & Innovation’ (something that has defined us since the dawn of civilization). India being one of the cultural pioneers in the world of Art & crafts will always remain the major player in the ‘Handicraft Industry’.

Our team of designers & artisans are dedicated to converting every innovation we come across into reality. With maintaining the standard of quality while ensuring an improved supply chain system, we can restructure the world into something that caters to the modern trends and is also kind towards climate. ‘Climate Change’ is biggest threat in front of us, people are moving towards sustainable lifestyle choices. ‘Shomaa Designs’ is here to fulfil this demand in the market

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